Titles H-N

“L8r, g8r” written my Lauren Myracle

 Have you heard of the author Lauren Myracle? She has written a series of books that would appeal to girls.  Thankfully, as far as I know,  these books are not included on any teacher’s required or recommended reading list.  I have only read one of them: “L8r,g8r.”  “L8r, g8r” is the book that became the impetus for the creation of this blog in the first place.   The other titles are “ttfn” “bff” “ttyl.”  Although I do not relish the thought, I intend to read and review these titles as well.
As you can see, the titles of the books could easily catch the attention of young girls. Not only that, but the book covers are bright and colorful and cute. It is my opinion that the book covers were created with the intention of luring readers  below the age of 15.   I believe that the content is extremely inappropriate for middle school girls (and of course, elementary girls as well). My personal belief is that this book is even inappropriate for  high school girls.  Without giving any graphic descriptions, let me just say that if the events of this book were to be portrayed in a movie, the movie would carry an “R” rating.
Our daughters/sisters/nieces/granddaughters need our help in dealing with  this kind of content.  They need to know that the activities that the “L8r,g8r” girls engage in do not have to be the social norm, and that they should not be expected to accept these activities as the social norm.
Hoot by Carl Hiaasen
Hoot is a book that was on my son’s required reading list.  It has been several years since I read the book, and I am going by my memory for now, so my review will be short and (somewhat) sweet.
The book is well-written and has an interesting story line.  The plot mainly involves the attempt made by young people to protect baby owls from a construction site.  I believe that most readers will relate to the feelings that these young people have for the owls.  I also would like to believe that in a real-life situation such as this, many construction foremen would try to find a way to address the concerns of the young people.  It is my opinion that this book is mostly appropriate for middle school readers.
I do have one criticism of the book:  One of the main characters commits several acts of vandalism (one involving a (police?) car) in order to protect the owls.  The other characters in the story seem to take no notice of the vandalism, however, and he is appraised to be quite the hero in spite of what he did!  I find it ironic that this book would be listed as required reading for students.  Doesn’t our education system frown upon vandalism, i.e. school vandalism, etc.  Do not our county policy manuals state that there will be serious penalties put into effect for acts of vandalism?  ….just sayin’!
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Parents, please see content warning below:
In my opinion, The Kite Runner would be an excellent book for high school readers if not for one very graphic and disturbing event which takes place earlier in the story and is occasionally referred to elsewhere in the book.  It is well-written and holds the readers’ interest. It has an extremely poignant theme.
Brief summary: The main character learns that there can be devastating consequences due to his  failure to do the right thing in a couple of different situations.

 Language:  Occasional strong profanity and obscene language

Religious:  Contrasting viewpoints on existence of God; (not a major theme)

Social:   Strong violence; very disturbing rape scene

Moral:  Valuable lessons about the importance of courage and honesty

Theme: In my opinion, the main theme of this book is that there can be devastating and irreversible consequences when a person fails to make good choices.

Age recommendation:  I would strongly recommend this book for adults only due to a very disturbing, sickening incident which is described graphically.



My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

This is the story of a  young boy’s adventures as he attempts to survive alone in the woods without being noticed by anyone in the nearby town.  I highly recommend this book because it is age appropriate (ages 4th grade & up in my opinion), as well as educational and interesting.


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    • You make a good point about the protrayal of vandalism and a wrong lesson that might be taken from this issue by young or immature individuals.

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