Letter to Parents: Which section of the public library does your middle school child use?

If your child is similar to mine, he/she is likely checking out books from the Young Adult section of your library.

I am an avid reader of all genres;  however, when it comes to fiction I generally enjoy young adult fiction rather than adult fiction.

I started this blog due to concerns over the content in many of the books that I have read so far.

Parents, please read or skim carefully the books that your child checks out!  Many of them include content that is inappropriate for middle school students.

To parents who have religious concerns:  for the most part, the books that I have read so far are not atheistic in content;  rather, they acknowledge that there is a God, but they question His very nature and state or imply that He is not worthy of our worship.

I hope to be able to give reviews that will be helpful to parents who don’t have time to preview all the books that their children are bringing home.

*A note to parents with high school students:  I hope to include reviews of some of the books that will be on your student’s required reading list.  Of the ones that I have read so far:  they generally have good overall themes, but they often include some very disturbing content as well.